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Name : Stephanie Lee
Website :
Referred by : Other!
From : Benson NC
Time : 1996-11-07 18:02:00
Comments : Nice! But we want to see pictures! We collect matchbox cars.

Name : Paul G. Standley
Website :
Referred by : Yahoo!
From : Frankfort, Ky
Time : 1996-11-07 17:57:00
Comments : I like your monthly updates on new models. I agree the Super Rigs Gold collection is a disapointment. There are eight in the series. Hills Department stores have the other four. I just found your site for the first time, so I will be going over your "Extras" list and possibly getting back to you. Keep up the good work. Later....

Name : Bill Gates
Website : MicroSoft
Referred by : Other!
From : Seattle
Time: 1996-11-07 15:16:00
Comments : Groovin' Kept me amused for five minutes

Name : Karen A. Riehle
Website : I do not have one yet
Referred by : Net Search
From : LaSalle, Mi.
Time : 1996-11-07 13:39:00
Comments : It's cool I'm going to drive my friends crazy with all your riddles, and I'm going to look for one in paticular.

Name : "Judd" Deabenderfer
Website :
Referred by : Link From Another Site
From : Bakersfield, California
Time : 1996-11-07 12:47:00
Comments : I am 9 years old and like Matchbox cars. I can't find Matchbox Action Central. I'm told it is gone. Where did it go? Please help

Name : Darren
Website :
Referred by : Other!
From :
Time : 1996-11-05 09:24:00
Comments : I thought this site was hillarious, my class loved it!

Name : geraldine e. solano
Website : Welcome to Geraldines place in cyberspace !!
Referred by : Net Search
From : From the BOOGIE DOWN BABY!!! south Bronx
Time : 1996-10-31 17:16:00
Comments : I love your fuck page. I have always loved the word FUCK, not only for what it actually is but just because it is such a robust and well rounded word. I use it often, and especially during sex when I say " fuck me !' It's just an awesom wod and I thank you for showing it's many facets to those out there who don't realize the versitality this word possesses. As you can see from my e-mail address, I am a student at NYU...School of ED. udergrad senior, secondary ed, I will ultimately discuss the aspects of fucking when I discuss reproduction and the foundation of animal life itself...It's all good...Take care and keep up the good fucking work! Geraldine

Name : david l hill
Website :
Referred by : Matchbox USA
From : indiana
Time : 1996-10-31 08:53:00
Comments : just interested in matchbox collectibles i enjoyed reading your information .

Name : Felix Kwong
Website :
Referred by : Graffiti on a NYC Wall!!!!
From : NY
Time : 1996-10-31 08:33:00
Comments : Hey, I want my email on the list too.

Name : Tony Brann
Website :
Referred by : Link From Another Site
From : Lewiston, Maine
Time : 1996-10-30 18:06:00
Comments : Very attractive site - one of the best - love the wood panels!!!

Name : Tonya
Website :
Referred by : Other!
From :
Time : 1996-10-30 16:49:00
Comments : ????? Fooled ya

Name : Sydrick J. Anderson
Website : My Fucking Web Page
Referred by : In a Fortune Cookie
From : Somewhere over the rainbow
Time : 1996-10-30 16:13:00
Comments : I *love* it! Finally, someone is devoting a page to the most wonderfuckingful word in existance! Been using it for years, nobody has caught on yet as to what you can use it for :)

Name : Gobi dominguez
Website :
Referred by : Just Surfed On In!
From : Dominican Republic
Time : 1996-10-30 12:00:00
Comments : This site is COOL,

Name: Caitlin Doyle
Referred by: Had a Dream about this site
From: Intercourse, Penn
Time: 1996-10-29 17:37:00
Comments: I thought it was a great freaking site. I really freaking liked it! Good freaking job man! Hope you create another good site as freaking good as this one. Congrats, love me

Name: Wm. Tarras
Website: Officemaster Business Centre
Referred by: Matchbox USA
From: Maple Ridge, B.C. , CANADA
Time: 1996-10-29 06:50:00
Comments: Very interesting, I am seeking only information on the collector sets Matchbox puts out here in Canada as I am just starting a collection of 1/43 scale models and can't seem to find much information in this area. Thanks for any assistance you may be able to give me.

Name: LLL
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Mars
Time: 1996-10-29 05:52:00
Comments: Love your joke collection

Name: David Blake
Website: No home page yet
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Southeastern Ohio "Down by the river"
Time: 1996-10-28 01:29:00
Comments: Great looking site! Hope to have one of my own soon if I could just find the time. Have a good one!

Name: Dee Dee Rueffer
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: U.S.A.
Time: 1996-10-28 01:21:00
Comments: This site made me laugh at 2:20 in the a.m., when my mind was sick and twisted from the long fucking day. Otherwise, I would have found it a bit appauling.

Name: Korry Baxter
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Seattle Wa Area Called Enumclaw
Time: 1996-10-25 23:00:00
Comments: fuck'n a man love it dude

Name: Shannon
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Indiana
Time: 1996-10-25 21:51:00
Comments: Actually, I was here for the riddles. We were fax the very last riddle on your sheet. The one about "gry" and none of could figure it out so I had to see if I could get the answer to 15 to see what the answer is to the last riddle. Please do not leave me in too much suspence. Thanks I love the riddle page.

Name: Joe Swieton, Jr
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Niles, IL....just blocks north of Chicago, IL
Time: 1996-10-25 21:42:00
Comments: Love your as FUCK!!!!

Name: George A. Stringer
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Las vegas NV
Time: 1996-10-25 21:24:00
Comments: Good info. I was looking for a buddy of mine. He wants to use it to try and tell different women how he feels.

Name: Michael Dennis
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Boulder, Colorado
Time: 1996-10-24 17:49:00
Comments: I like the wood paneling!!

Name: KDY
Referred by: Net Search
Time: 1996-10-24 08:26:00
Comments: I really enjoyed visiting your site.

Name: John van Oel
Referred by: Had a Dream about this site
From: Holland
Time: 1996-10-24 07:25:00
Comments: Looks interesting most models on your want list I'm able to supply. Even the blue safari Landrover (with brown luggage on top) and the team matchboxcars When I have my new e-mail adress I'll get back to you. Greetings and happy hunting Oel

Name: H.P. Suter
Referred by: Net Search
From: The Netherlands
Time: 1996-10-23 21:29:00
Comments: A good site, please add more info for the beginning collector(like me). Thanks, Bye bye

Name: C Bryant
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: NY
Time: 1996-10-23 21:21:00
Comments: I'm impressed by what NYU is teaching these days.

Name: Tonya
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Montgomery, Alabama
Time: 1996-10-22 23:02:00
Comments: Don't give a fuck about what they say. They are just jelous of the idea that you thought of this before they did. Keep up the good work. I want to here more from you.

Name: Dennis Skotzke
Website: cnp
Referred by: Net Search
From: Detroit Mi
Time: 1996-10-22 21:41:00
Comments: New to web, collector of many items, looking for addresses to get full catalogs, establish trading partners ,and develop new site possibilities. If you know anyone in the area who builds sites..would consider partnership with that person in regards to the page.

Name: Pim Kolman
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Holland
Time: 1996-10-22 06:51:00
Comments: It is a collorfull site

Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: A small remote island known as Britain.
Time: 1996-10-22 01:47:00
Comments: Time honours no man.

Name: Ryan Van Veen
Website: same as above
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Cloverdale,B.C.
Time: 1996-10-21 23:41:00
Comments: Interesting and very provocative. I enjoyed it greatly. Thank you for donating your time to something that means so much to me. Once again... Thanks

Website: N/A
Referred by: From WebCrawler
From: Originally from Worcester, Massachusetts/ currently reside in Carlsbad, New Mexico
Time: 1996-10-20 21:18:00
Comments: I can hardly express how grateful I am to have come across your web page. It is fantastic! Nearly 20 years has passed since my childhood matchbox and hot wheels collection (appx. 1964-early 1970's cars) was stolen from my home. I searched for weeks on end for the collection, along with my bottle collection of some 400 early 20th century bottles I had found with no success. It was not until watching fx- the collectibles show that my passion for especially matchbox cars returned like never before! I have spent hours reviewing matchbox web sites, seeing so many matchbox cars that I had and bringing back so many memories. I went out to Walmart this weekend, in this remote town of Carlsbad, NM and purchased the five select class series 1 1996 premiere cars they had in stock. That is my return to the hobby I so much enjoyed! And in reviewing cars from the 1969(?) catalog, I would like to get even one or two of the matchbox cars I had in my collection. Do you know where I might be able to find any of these: #1 Mercedes Truck #2 Mercedes Trailer #3 Mercedes Ambulance #9 Boat and Trailer #5 London Bus #11 Jumbo Crane #12 Safari Land-Rover #13 BP Wreck Truck (one of my favorites) #23 Trailer Caravan #17 Horse Box #30 8-Wheel Crane #65 Combine Harvester Any help you could provide will be greatly appreciated! Once again, thanks for a terrific web site! John J. Flynn 712 1/2 N. Alameda Street Carlsbad, NM 88220 (505) 885-3947

Name: Michael Zarnock
Referred by: Matchbox USA
From: Michael`s Collectibles
Time: 1996-10-20 10:12:00
Comments: It`s a neat place, with a lot of good infofmation! P.S. If you want to ad our name to your list of dealers, feel free to mention that we specialize in Team Convoys. Like you don`t already know, with the amount that you bought from us. Thanx again ! Michael !

Name: Susan Alexander
Website: Internet Waterway
Referred by: Net Search
From: Kingwood, Texas
Time: 1996-10-01 12:56:00
Comments: Your site actually provided what it said it would - riddles!

Name: Chris Wentzel
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Time: 1996-10-01 09:10:00
Comments: Just browsing again. Actually I'm looking for a web site that I could post some of the "Matchbox" models that I have for trade. Keep up the good cyber/"Matchbox" work!

Name: Ed Semon
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Cape Coral, Florida
Time: 1996-10-01 07:29:00
Comments: The info you have in your site, is far better than in Action Centeral. I've been collecting before I can remember (back in late 60's) and I've just been able to get online and pull down so much info. Thanks

Name: Drasko Divic
Referred by: Net Search
From: Croatia
Time: 1996-10-01 02:08:00
Comments: Tell me what happened with the Lesney today. I am the owner of the Lesney Nr. 1model of the Steam machine and Road Roller. Bye!

Name: william Retallack
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Grand Junction Colorado
Time: 1996-09-30 12:41:00
Comments: I am relativly new to Matchboxs as collectables (although not as toys), and this site has provided me with a lot of usefull information. Thanks

Name: Ray Plante
Referred by: God Only Knows
From: Iowa
Time: 1996-09-29 10:40:00
Comments: Great information.

Name: Khoo Kay Jin
Referred by: Net Search
From: Singapore, but residing in Sydney
Time: 1996-09-29 06:09:00
Comments: I started a collection when I was a teenager, about 12 years old. That's about 1967, and I have not updated my collection since. I guess there's 20-30 pieces, they were all mint, but the boxes had been destroyed by silver fish. The collection is still in Singapore, within a display cupboard, which I occasionally browse to relive my childhood. But there's still a passion for these toys, and I like especially the old models, of cars which have since disappeared from our roads. Relatedly, that's what I like about this web site ----- suddenly a an old flame has been rekindled. Thank you for reading.

Name: Larry Weatherford
Referred by: Net Search
From: Carbondale, Il.
Time: 1996-09-26 21:05:00
Comments: Beautiful, nice job and quite informative. Question for you. I'm cataloging my sons collection and I'm not able to identify a certain model.. i'm hoping that you might help. The model is a doubledecer bus with the stamping No 2 and the wording 'B' type bus 1912-1920 Made in England by Lesney... The graphics are "General"on the belt line and "Dewer's" on the second level. It also has steel wheels and was purchased (by us) in l977 in Paris. I have a catalog by Dana Johnson titled 'Matchbox toys 1948-1993 but it has no mention of this model. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Larry Weatherford

Name: Doc Laney
Referred by: Other!
From: D/FW Texas
Time: 1996-09-25 07:56:00
Comments: Thanks for the have got a cool page.... now it's time to surf on... "L'aissez Le Bon Temps Rouler" Doc

Name: george sossi
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: North Myrtle Beach SC / Woodbury NY
Time: 1996-09-21 10:10:00
Comments: Enjoyed the History

Name: Bob O'Leary
Website: none
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Spokane, Washington
Time: 1996-09-20 12:52:00
Comments: I am not a collector. The reason I'm here is I'm looking for information on the Matchbox Race sets made in the 1960's. I know they have some value, but how much I'm not sure. I have 2 sets plus a extension set in original boxes. These sets have been used. I'm interested in selling them if the price is right. About your Web Site, it is very elaborate and quite extensive. Very well done! It appears to me you are doing a big service to your fellow Matchbox collectors. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You///Bob O'Leary

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