A man's blonde wife decided one day that she was sick and tired of all the blonde jokes, and how all blondes were perceived as stupid and helpless. So, she decided to show her husband that blondes really were smart and self-reliant. While he was off at work, she decided she would paint a couple of rooms in the house.

The next day, right after hubby left for work, she got down to the task at hand.

Her husband arrived home at 5:30 and smelled the distinctive odor of paint. He walked into the living room and found his wife lying on the floor in a pool of sweat while wearing a ski jacket over her good full-length fur coat.

"Darling! Are you alright?" he asked with concern.

"Yes, dear. Just a little tired," came the reply.

"Well, I've got to say, you've done a nice job painting these two rooms. But, why? You know I've always taken care of that kind of stuff."

She replied, "Yes, I know. But I wanted to prove to you that not all blonde women are dumb and helpless. I thought I could do that by painting the living and dining rooms."

"Well, you've done that, sweetheart," replied her husband, "and a nice job of it too. But... what's the deal with the ski jacket and your fur?"

Came the wifely reply, "Well, I read the directions on the back of the paint can, and it said, `For best results, put on two coats.'"

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