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Here is a collection of some lawyers jokes that I have collected over the years either via internet or via my friends. I will be adding more items to this list as time and space permits. Please note that these articles are written for fun purposes and not to hurt anyone's feeling. I do not wish to harm or hurt anybody in any sense, these articles are/were written for pleasure and for fun only. Please take them just as jokes, lighten up, and move on with your life. In case, you would like to contribute something interesting to this site, please emailme the article and I would include it here with your (the author's) name and contact address. Now enjoy these and have fun !!!!!!!!!!

An AMERICAN attorney gave a lecture in Italy.
A lawyer bacame a translator for a Mexican BANDIT. -- Contributed by Fatema Noorbhai
A man bought a BRASS rat from an antique store.
An old man was a witness in a BURGLARY TRIAL.
A lawyer decides to pass is BUSINESS CARDS.
A lawyer did not know that he could order the drink of his CHOICE.
A lawyer goes DUCK HUNTING.
An ENGINEER in Hell.
LAW as it should be.
Actual COMMENTS made by lawyers. (Contributed by Shahzad Malik)
Things actually people said in the COURTROOM.
An elderly person needed a HEART TRANSPLANT.
A lawyer and a doctor go vacationing on the Riveria using INSURANCE settlement.
A juror wanted to get dismissed from JURY DUTY.
A standard LAWQUEST.
A lawyer gives a LEGAL ADVICE to a doctor.
I need a NEW LAWYER.
Who is easy to OPERATE?
A truck driver and a PRIEST.
A Lawyer named STRANGE died.
A lawyer at the SUPERBOWL.
A man shoots his wife and goes to TRIAL.. -- Contributed by Humayun Mirza
An UPSET Lawyer.

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