A truck driver had a habit of running over attorneys whenever he would see one walking along the road.

One day he saw a priest who's car had broken down and needed a lift. He decided to do a good turn and pick up the priest. He asked the priest, "where are you headed, Father?"

The priest replied, "I would like to go about another five miles to the church."

"No problem, Father! I would be happy to give you a lift, hop on in the truck."

Just after picking up the priest, the trucker saw a lawyer walking along the road. He immediately started to swerve over to hit him. At the last second, he remembered the priest was with him, so he swerved back - narrowly missing the lawyer.

However, even though he was certain he missed the lawyer, he still heard a loud THUMP! He turned to the priest and asked him what happened.

The priest replied, "I could see you were going to miss him, so I got him with the door."

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