You can always turn on a car.
You are always in the driver's seat.
You can drive a car anywhere.
You can share a car with your friends.
The car will always do what you make it do.
You can always buy a new one if you want to.
A car doesn't complain about lack of attention.
If a car breaks down, you can always fix it up right.
A car doesn't mind if you drive around in other cars.
There's enough room in a car for 4 to 6 people.
You can swear at a car, up and down, and it won't get offended.
If you kick a car, it will still run strong.
You can toot a car's horn anytime and it won't get upset.
You can feed a car and it will go as far as it can for you.
A car won't give you any suprises no matter how many times you get in and out of it.

AND Remember:
Man's equivalent of a woman's diamond ring is a car.

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