A carpet-layer is exhausted after a hard day's work-his partner didn't show up and he's finally finished laying carpeting in a large home all by himself. Cleaning up his tools and preparing to leave, he pats his pocket and realizes his cigarette pack is missing. Looking around, he suddenly notices a small lump in the center of the carpeting he just laid-just about the size of his cigarette pack. He thinks for a minute-then quickly takes a board and hammer. Laying the board over the lump, he hammers the lump absolutely flat-it's virtually undetectable. Sighing with relief that he doesn't need to pull the carpet up again, he loads his equipment into his truck, only to discover his cigarettes lying on the front seat. Just then the lady of the house runs out to his truck, "The carpeting looks great, thank you," she says, "By the way, have you seen my parakeet?"

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