The Pope takes a visit to NYC, and after all the hoopla he wants to spend some time on his own just seeing the sights---without his entourage.

So he rents a Limo, and the driver shows him some sights. Finally, the Pope says to the driver, " Listen, my son, I have such a structured life, and I have little time to relax. Driving has always relaxed me. Do you suppose you could find it in your heart to let me drive? In the meantime, you can sit back here and relax yourself."

What is the driver going to say? It's the Pope. The driver agrees and the Pope takes the wheel.

For a few moments the driver sits in the back and enjoys the ride. As a driver he so rarely gets the privilege of being driven. Then he notices the Pope is an excellent driver. He's making great time whizzing through the city streets, making all the lights. He's a really great driver. Just then some lights start flashing from behind. It's the police. Obviously, the Pope has been exceeding the speed limit.

The Pope pulls the Limo to the side of the road and the officer approaches. The officer looks in the car and sees the Pope at the wheel.

The policeman says to the Pope, "Umm, just a minute your eminence. Wait here, please." The officer runs back to his patrol car and picks up the radio. He says to the dispatcher, nervously, "I've got a bit of a problem here. I just pulled over someone really important and I don't know what to do."

The dispatcher responds, "Did you pull over the Mayor?"

Cop, "No bigger."

Dispatcher: "The Governor?"

Cop, getting more nervous: "Bigger. Much, much bigger."

Dispatcher, "Oh no. Don't tell me you pulled over the President?"

Cop: "No not the President. More important."

Dispatcher: "Well who then?"

The cop responds almost in a panic, "OK I don't know who it is. But this guy must be really big!! The Pope is his driver!!!"

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