In reply to your request to send a check, I wish to inform you that the present condition of my bank account makes it impossible.

My shattered financial conditions are due to federal laws, corporation laws, mothers-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, and outlaws.

Through these taxes I am compelled to pay a business tax, assessment tax, head tax, income tax, casket tax, food tax, furniture tax, sales tax, and excise tax. Even my brain is taxed.

I am required to get a business license, car license, hunting license, fishing license, truck and auto license, not to mention marriage and dog license. I am also required to contribute to every society and organization which the genius of man is capable of bringing into life; to women's relief, unemployed relief, and gold digger's relief- also to every hospital and charitable institution in the city, including the Red Cross, the Black Cross, the Purple Cross and the Double Cross.

For my own safety, I am compelled to carry life insurance, accident insurance, property insurance, business insurance, earthquake insurance, tornado insurance, unemployment insurance, old-age insurance, and fire insurance.

My own business is so governed that it is no easy matter for me to find out who owns it. I am inspected, suspected, disrespected, rejected, dejected, and compelled until I prove an inexhaustible supply of money for every known need of the human race.

Simply because I refuse to donate something or other I am boycotted, talked about, lied about, held up, held down, and robbed until I am almost ruined. I can tell you honestly that except for a miracle that happened I could not enclose this check. The wolf that comes to my door nowadays just had pups in my kitchen. I sold them, and here's the money.

Would like more business to pay more taxes.

Sincerely Yours,

g book1

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