Dear ___________, 

(X) Pen Pal 
( ) Pig Pen 
( ) Party Pooper 

I'm sorry for taking ___________... 

( ) so long to write back 
(X) all the red M&Ms and replacing them with baked beans 
( ) your guinea pig, Hamlet, hostage 

...but I've been very busy ___________. 

(X) constructing my new jacuzzi out of pineapple rings 
( ) determining the stability of inert gases 
( ) breathing 

Do you still think ___________? 

(X) we could get together some time 
( ) styrofoam is one of the four basic food groups 
( ) monkeys march around your bed while you're asleep 

When you get a ___________. 

( ) chance, write back 
( ) life, pat yourself on the back 
(X) delivery from Bacteria of the Month, you'll know who it's 

If I don't hear from you soon, I'll ___________. 

( ) sprint gleefully around the cafeteria, buck naked 
(X) tell everyone I know about your little escapade with Spam 
( ) send my Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kid after you 

Your ___________, 

( ) faithful e-mail bud 
(X) intellectually superior acquaintance 
( ) goat's on fire 

( ) even better than Cats 
(X) crazy, sexy and cool 
( ) congealing

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