Honeymoon Bloopers

The new husband was in such a hurry on the first night of the honeymoon when he said to his bride, "Darling, you know love is blind." His wife replied, "You are right dear, but unfortunately the neighbor's aren't. Please close the curtains."

On the first day of honeymoon, the new husband tells his wife, "Honey, I love you more than anything else in the world. I can fetch the moon for you. I can walk thru fire and water for you." The wife replied," Make it fire and fast. I would rather have you hot than wet or cold".

The bride was crying and balling out. "What's the matter?" asked her friend. She replied," I didn't know until after the wedding ceremony that he had been married before and had five kids." "That must have come as a shock to you", commented her friend. Bride replied, "Yes, and my four children didn't like it either"

The bride it turned out was very religious. As soon as she got married, she put a sign above their bed, "I need thee every day." So the following day, the husband put up his own sign next to hers bed, "Oh Lord, give me strength."

A wife delivered a child six months after marriage. The disturbed husband went to the doctor. The doctor said, "Young man, don't worry, This happens sometimes in the case of first, child, but never afterwards."

A happy couple went on a cruise for their honeymoon. The couple were getting along wonderfully when the conversation headed towards political and international events. The husband asked, "Honey. What do you think about the Middle East position." His wife replied, "I don't know, dear, Have we already tried it?"

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