Here is a collection of some romantic jokes, poems, and other interesting items that I have collected over the years either via internet or via my friends. I will be adding more items to this list as time and space permits. Please note that not all articles are written by me (some of them are) and in most cases I don't have the name of the author. In some case when I remembered thename, I had mentioned it in the article itself. I apologize for putting their work on the web but it is interesting and I wanted to share it with others. I hope the original author(s) do(es) not mind. In case, you would like to contribute something interesting to this site, please emailme the article and I would include it here with your (the author's) name and contact address. In last but not least, I do not wish to harm or hurt anybody in any sense, these articles are/were written for pleasure and for fun only. Please take them just as jokes, lighten up, and move on with your life. Now enjoy these and have fun !!!!!!!!!!

A wife found 3 EGGS and $10,000 under her bed.
10 THINGS guys like about girls and girls like about guys.
A husband gets an offer of 100 CAMELS for his wife.
What does a 50 / 50 relationship mean in romance.
What is the difference between women of AGES 8, 18, 28, 38, 48 & 58?
Pre-Relationship AGREEMENT.
A man was coming out of ANESTHESIA after a series of tests.
What did John's wife want for their 40th Wedding ANNIVERSARY?
A 60 year old couple gets an ANNIVERSARY GIFT of their choice.
Honeymoon BLOOPERS.
Women are COMPLEX creatures.
Women are COMPLEX II creatures.
A typical conversation between a COMPUTER PROGRAMMER and his wife.
Come at your own CONVENIENCE.
A DEVOTED wife spent her lifetime taking care of her husband.
A man wanted to buy a DOZEN ROSES for his wife.
A man decided to go to a bar after an EARLY CLOSING at work.
A man had a FIGHT with her wife.
A husband goes FISHING.
FOUR LETTER words no woman wants to hear.
Sending a GIFT to the girlfriend.
GIRL LANGUAGE. What do girls mean when they say something.
GOLDEN ADVICE for a successful marriage. -- (Contributed by Fatema Noorbhai)
Two men were playing a GOLF GAME.
GUYS LANGUAGE. What do guys mean when they say something.
Someone has a HEARING problem. -- (Contributed by Humayun Mirza)
An elderly woman requsted her husband to bring ICE CREAM.
A man went to the doctor complaining of INSOMNIA.
A KISS can cure many things.
A LAMAZE class was in full swing.
Gard's LAWS on love.
Grandpa gave the secret of his LONG LIFE.
A LOST PILOT gets off at the US Airforce base for the second day in a row.
Would you still LOVE ME?
Last 10 things a MAN would ever say.
What is a successful MARRIAGE I.
What is a successful MARRIAGE II.
A lion got himself into a MESS.
A man comes home and finds a MESSY PLACE.
A woman buys a NICE STONE as requested by her late husband.
An OLD COUPLE gets romantic.
A man tries to find a PERFECT woman to be his wife.
A girl asked for her PHOTO to be returned.
A few Q & A on romance.
The two sides of a RELATIONSHIP.
A ROMANTIC PINK SLIP How to fire your lover?
How would a love letter from a SCIENTIST look like.
A couple always SHARED everythign 50/50.
An upset demands a SNAILS & GARLIC SAUCE dinner.
I love you SO MUCH.
A woman wanted to be TEN AGAIN.
An unknown couple gets to TRAVEL together in the same sleeping carriage of a train.
The perils of UPGRADING.
I bet you don't know WHAT DAY is it.
WHO makes the rules.
Two women came before a WISE KING.
Last 10 things a WOMAN would ever say.

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