A priest woke one Sunday morning and decided it was such a good day that he would ring in sick for church and go to play golf instead. He packed his clubs and went to the golf course.

Meanwhile God and St. Peter are sitting around in Heaven watching the priest, St. Peter turns to God and says " Are you going to let him get away with this".

"Of course not" says God, "I`ll fix him".

The priest arrives at the golf course and heads straight to the first tee. His first drive is a perfect draw shot, landing in the ideal position for the approach shot to the green.

His second shot lands a metre from the pin leaving him an easy uphill tap in for birdie.

On the par 5 2nd. He hits a beautiful drive down the middle, knocks a fairway wood to the front of the green and gets up and down for another birdie.

This goes on hole after hole and the priest is in raptures, he's playing the greatest game of his life. Meanwhile, back in Heaven St. Peter and God are interested spectators.

St. Peter turns to God and says " This guy is playing the game of his life, I thought you were going to get him for missing church".

God turns to St. Peter and says " You're right, he is playing a great game, but who is he going to tell about it?".

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