Here is a collection of some sensitive jokes, poems, and other interesting items that I have collected over the years either via internet or via my friends. I will be adding more items to this list as time and space permits. Please note that not all articles are written by me (some of them are) and in most cases I don't have the name of the author. In some case when I remembered thename, I had mentioned it in the article itself. I apologize for putting their work on the web but it is interesting and I wanted to share it with others. I hope the original author(s) do(es) not mind. In case, you would like to contribute something interesting to this site, please emailme the article and I would include it here with your (the author's) name and contact address. In last but not least, I do not wish to harm or hurt anybody in any sense, these articles are/were written for pleasure and for fun only. Please take them just as jokes, lighten up, and move on with your life. Now enjoy these and have fun !!!!!!!!!!

A pastor gave ADVICE to a local person.
An atheist suddenly BELIEVED in God.
Treasures found the the BIBLE.
Three CHRISTIAN PREACHERS and their wives go to Middle East.
Three men had to CROSS the river.
The great DEBATE.
A priest DENOUNCED the Devil.
A farmer's DOG died.
A DUTCHMAN went to the confession chamber.
A minister dies and waiting to ENTER Heaven.
A FARMER goes to church.
Bill Clinton, Al Gore & Bill Gate all enter the GATES of Heaven. -- Contributed by Ron & Betty
A minister acknowledges a GIFT he received.
Who is GOD?
A priest goes and play GOLF.
Who can enter the HEAVEN?
Who is JESUS?
The KFC account
Read and see who LIKES who?
Where does Jesus LIVE?
Brother John enters the MONASTERY of silence.
The first elected Jewish PRESIDENT for the US.
A new PRIEST learns how to preach (Contributed by Ron Shelton)
Bill Gates sees a SCREEN SAVERENTER.
A person working for SECRET SERVICE.
The people who died in SERVICE.
A woman named SHIRLEY from Beverly Hills.
A preacher was completing a TEMPERANCE sermon.
Why the God did not get a TENURESHIP at any college?
A pastor of a local church began his sermon with a TRUE STORY.
God asks everyone to make TWO LINES in Heaven. -- Contributed by Ron & Betty
How to WIN the lotto.
A YOUNG priest gets up in the morning and ....

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