A to Z of a Desi's Philosophy

Sometimes ago a friend of mine gave me this A to Z of a Desi's Philosophy. I found it humorous, so i thought, i should share it with all of you. But i think this is not just of desi(s), it's true for every body. Enjoy .......

A - Always must win
B - Borrow but never return
C - Cheap is good
D - Don't trust anyone
E - Everything also must grab!
F - Free! Free! Free!
G - Grab fist talk later
H - Help yourself to everything
I - I first, I want, I everything
J - Jump queue
K - Keep coming back for more
L - Look for discount
M - Must not lose face
N - Never mind what they think
O - Outdo everyone you know
P - Pay only when necessary
Q - Quit while you are ahead
R - Rushing and pushing wins the race
S - Sample are always welcome
T - Take but don't give
U - Unless it's free forget it
V - Vow to be number one
W - Winner takes it All! All! All!
X - X'tre = More
Y - Yell if necessary to get what you want
Z - Zebras are desi's because they want to be black and white at the same time

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