Here is a collection of some desi jokes, other fun stuff that I have collected over the years either via internet or via my friends. I will be adding more items to this list as time and space permits. Please note that these articles are written for fun purposes and not to hurt anyone's feeling. I do not wish to harm or hurt anybody in any sense, these articles are/were written for pleasure and for fun only. Please take them just as jokes, lighten up, and move on with your life. In case, you would like to contribute something interesting to this site, please emailme the article and I would include it here with your (the author's) name and contact address. I have divided these articles into different categories for easy enjoyment. Now enjoy these and have fun !!!!!!!!!!

A to Z of desi philosophy.
A Sardarji fills out a BIRTH CERTIFICATE application.
Reality about BRUCE LEE.
A Sardarji carrying CHICKENS in a bag.
A sardar fills a tender for EURO TUNNEL.
A Pathan bhi gets a JOB with ISI in Pakistan.
A Sardarji fills out a JOB application.
Computer terms and related Hindi MOVIES.
How many people work in PAKISTAN?
How to save money on train Tickets?

Best of Humor
Kelley's Jokes

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