Home Coming

Source: Unknown author, taken from "alt.romance" newsgroup

Chances to cheat are often as they do
arrive almost everytime when I am not with you

Yet, I trust you when you are away
doing your business and me to my day

When we are apart in distance and time
my heart is warmed with you on my mind

It's only because the miles are made
to allow express our love again

I'll never stray away from you
or break my promise to remain true

Nor will I be aloof nor carry astray
any thoughts that would not be safe

I know your love shown in what you do
better the reason I belong with you

And you are why I care & have grown
as we share our time together, alone

On this last trip Yes, distance and time
when I did return I knew we were just fine

Ah! My breath I took again when I saw your face
I knew I loved you and welcomed in our space

You were standing not sitting, in a chair
waving and smiling when I saw you there

I was ignited with warmth that surged me so
I couldn't stop thinking how I wanted you more

As I approached we embraced in sight
transferring knowledge of our plans this night

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